13 March 2012

To: Sir

Check out the new GIFT TAGS!  I can't wait to start tying them onto gift bags for all the items shipping out of the AURAGEMS.etsy.com shop.  The backs are blank so you can add your very own To's and From's or write your own personal message.

As always gift wrapping and US shipping are free!

06 January 2012

To the Sea

Kauila Turquoise Sea Turtle Asymmetrical Necklace

You don't even need to live by the ocean to appreciate this one-of-a-kind piece.

To read the full description, and to find out about sea turtle totems and Kauila, click the link above.

15 May 2011

Minnesota Artists Treasury

Check out the recent Etsy Treasury called "Minnesota Eclectic" I did with a collection of pieces from Minnesota's Hidden Artists Etsy Team members.  There are a ton of great finds from new to vintage, from artwork to soap, from sewing to pottery and everything in between.

With all the recent "Minnesota Hipsters" hype...maybe it's a bit true!

Want to throw in your two cents about hipsters?  Add to the Vita.mn list here:  "Top Ten Signs You're a Hipster"