25 May 2010

Keepin' Up

The phrase "keeping up with Joneses" orginated nearly one century ago by way of a comic strip of the same name.  Hard to believe how common it still is.  I was thinking about this as I was formatting this blog... "keeping up with the Etsians" might be the new twist for the next century.  They've blogged, facebooked, myspaced, tweeted and twittered into a frenzy.  For this particular girl, who held out as long as possible before even caving to cell phone ownership, I'm not sure how well or with whom I'll be "keepin' up" but these scrawlings are my little extended AURAGEMS corner of the technological world I guess.  I find it quite amusing - the irony of my AURAGEMS being of handiwork (beading, sewing, embroidery) that date back centuries B.C. all with it's own little twist of the metaphysical considerations, being paired with the modern world. Old World meets New World; I guess that's what AURAGEMS really is about.  As for The Blog, I'll be including bits and gems of all kinds here, and I also welcome you to check out my other blog "Ghost Noise & Psychic Dream Butter" too.  Enjoy!

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