31 May 2010

Labyrinths & Meadows

Have you ever walked a labyrinth?  For my ongoing workshop this past week, rather than do our usual meditation, we used that part of our class time to walk a nearby labyrinth, which a woman has mowed into a secluded part of the meadow at her farm.  If you want something peaceful, spiritual, and revitalizing to do, I highly recommend it to anyone.  Labyrinths can be found all over the world, and they're of all sizes and designs and materials.  You can use this website to locate a labyrinth near you too -- Labyrinth Locator -- or check it out just to find out more about labyrinths.

Meadow Bracelet - Made with fancy jasper for tranquility, green aventurine for balance and peridot for cheerfulness.  Small-size (6.5").

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