04 August 2010

It's in the bag

I've been working on some new Travel and Tarot bags lately.  There are some hand-embroidered drawstring style ones as well as some brand new crocheted pouches I'll have coming out soon!  This Blue Sage bag is one that I most recently added to the shop.  Stop by to check out my entire selection of bags ~ there are many styles, sizes, colors and fabrics,...and so many possibilities of what you can use them for!

♦ tarot decks ♦ rune stones ♦ crystals ♦ pendulums ♦ jewelry ♦ gifts ♦ coins ♦ mementos ♦ personal treasures ♦ books ♦ sunglasses ♦ lingerie ♦ renaissance coin purse  ♦ cosmetics ♦ mp3 players ♦ toiletries/medications ♦ weddings ♦ bridal wristlets ♦ trip and travel activity bags for kids ♦ short outing diaper bags ♦... just about anything else you can imagine!

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